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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

6 Ways to Get More Women To Ride Motorcycles

Let’s work together to grow the numbers of ladies who ride

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

4. Be proactive in your riding community.
It's exciting to see women rider exclusive events like the annual Babes Ride Out campouts, (a record setting all-women's event its first year) and others held in different areas of the country. (Check out our calendar of events here.) I crave women-only rides and events because of the camaraderie and networking that presents itself only when women are around other women, but it’s up to the women who ride themselves to organize these events.

6 ways to attract more women in motorcycling sportbike rally
Events such as the Women's Sportbike Rally West are great places to meet, learn from, and ride with other women. Support events like these if you don't want them to be around in years to come.

Joining a women's motorcycle riding club is one way to find other women to ride with. But make sure that your club gets the word out so that other women can find out about it. List clear information about the club, and a contact to call or email on its Facebook page or website. Advertise the club at local dealerships, and send us the club's information so we can share it here in the most comprehensive women's motorcycle club listing. Don't see a club near you? Be proactive and start one yourself!

The same thing goes for having more gear and motorcycles to choose from. I hear this complaint all the time. Most motorcycling manufacturers, clothing companies, aftermarket companies, and motorcycle magazines (Women Riders Now is the exception) are run by men. To elicit change, women must get involved in the upper levels of management, where decisions are made. If you love motorcycling, consider using your business, finance, marketing, journalism or whatever degree and work in the motorcycle industry. Women are still grossly underrepresented at the big manufacturers and publishing companies.

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