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6 Ways to Get More Women To Ride Motorcycles

Let’s work together to grow the numbers of ladies who ride

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

2. Be a mentor.
About 10 years ago, Harley-Davidson developed a women's outreach program in conjunction with its Garage Parties called “Share Your Spark” to encourage mentoring. When I make a new non-riding friend, she is almost always intrigued by the fact that I ride a motorcycle. I take the opportunity to school her about how awesome riding is, how I got started, and how she too can enter the world of motorcycling if it's something that excites her.

It’s up to me to help her follow through with getting started by guiding her to a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse (MSF BRC) or similar program, then advising on her first motorcycle purchase, and thoughtfully and patiently leading her on the first "real" road ride. It's an amazing feeling to be able to guide a new rider into our special, exciting world of motorcycling.

6 ways to attract more women in motorcycling harley garage party
Harley-Davidson Garage Parties, held at dealerships, provide an ideal opportunity to introduce your female friends to the wonderful world of beautiful motorcycles and cool gear while meeting other adventurous women. If your H-D dealership doesn't have one scheduled, volunteer to help get one on the calendar.

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