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Breath of Life: Coming Back to Motorcycles After Time Off

A 6-year hiatus from motorcycling was enough for this mom

10/15/2020, By Nicole Bonza, San Diego, California
When Nicole Bonza had to give up her beloved motorcycle after experiencing mechanical failure and having a brand new baby, she went into a “hibernation” of sorts. After six years of not riding, the 44-year-old mother of two bought a new Honda CBR650R. Able the “breath again,” she feels her life coming back.
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Second Virtual Women’s Motorcycle Conference Scheduled for November

Connect with and learn from female riders and motorcycle industry influencers

A second online women's motorcycle conference spans two days of presentations, panel discussions, and “Connection Sessions,” with the opportunity for female motorcycle riders to communicate in real time. WRN is offering a discount code to sign up.
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inView Wireless Helmet Brake and Turn Signal System

Alert distracted drivers and stay safe while riding your motorcycle

10/15/2020, By Kathy Spencer, Bristol, Connecticut
Voted “Women’s Favorite Safety Item” at last year’s AIMExpo, the inView wireless helmet brake and turn signal system makes riders more visible by adding bright, attention-grabbing lighting up high where it’s easy for other motorists to see.
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How to Shop for Motorcycle Riding Boots

Our guide to the different styles and what to look for including cruiser, adventure touring, dirtbike riding, sportbike riding, and urban sneaker shoe styles

10/15/2020, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor, and Genevieve Schmitt, Founder/Contributor
Our first article in a series about women's motorcycle boots focuses on how to identify the different types of riding footwear and what to look for when choosing a particular style of boot.
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Polaris Launches Inaugural Empowersports Women’s Riding Council

The future of powersports is female, according to the company

Polaris brings together 12 influential women in powersports for its new Empowersports Women’s Riding Council. Find out how the company plans to inspire more women to get involved in motorsports.
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Touring & Adventure

edelweiss tour

Edelweiss Motorcycle Tour: Best of Europe

WRN reader tours Europe on a Honda NC750. Read the story.

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BMW's Brand New Cruiser: R 18


You can't help but notice the beautiful engine on this big heavyweight cruiser. Women who think this bike is "too big" to ride will be surprised how nimble it is. Check out how this small framed woman easily handles it. Then read our review.

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