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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Your Questions Answered!

Seeking Advice on Sizing For Motorcycle Boots

Help us answer this question from a reader

Good question on whether special accommodations need to be made for feet in motorcycle riding boots.
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How Do I Find a Motorcycle Riding Mentor?

Help us answer this reader question

A WRN reader is taking up motorcycling at age 52 and wonders how to find a riding mentor.
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Upper Body Strength for Women Handling Weight of Big Motorcycles

Short reader asks how others muscle around tall bikes

Reader asks how other short riders manage this. Read full question and respond in comments section. Thanks.
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Seeking Advice on Riding With Your Children

Reader wants to take her daughter as a passenger

Riding with your young child on the back of the bike. Should you or shouldn't you?
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Beginner Asks Should She Start on an Automatic Motorcycle

Help us respond with your own advice

A new rider has a question about a manual versus an automatic motorcycle as her learner bike.
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What's the Most Comfortable Position for Foot Controls?

Behind the knees, underneath them, or forward?

Find out what how our readers answered this commonly asked question about foot peg and foot controls placement on a motorcycle.
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First Motorcycle: A Keeper or a Small Bike You'll Resell Soon?

Share your thoughts on what motorcycle you chose as your first one and why

A reader has a question on the kind of motorcycle she should choose as her first, one she wants right now, or a small one she'll resell later.
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Is Weight of a Bigger Motorcycle a Factor for Smaller Women?

Help us answer this reader's question about handling a large bike in spite of her slender, shorter size

I am 64 and plan to retire in two years. Does the weight of a bigger bike come into play for smaller women? I am 5 feet 2 inches and very slender, but not fragile.
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Is My Fiancé's Motorcycle Too Big For Me To Learn On?

Help a reader decide on her first bike

I'm fearful of starting out on a motorcycle with too much power. I want something that I can ride comfortably all day but will not freak me out.
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Off-Road Rider Looking For Trails Near Her Home

Help us with advice for her on how to find off-road routes

Suzy loves riding both on and off the road, but doesn't know of any trails near her home in Georgia. Can you offer any suggestions on routes or where to look to find some?
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