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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Riding Right

Motorcycle safety tips and advice on how to ride your motorcycle more safely, and how to become a better motorcycle rider.

5 Great Ways To Drop Your Motorcycle (so you can avoid it in the future)

Low or no-speed parking lot tip-overs; learn what NOT to do to stay upright

By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor and MSF RiderCoach
Most bike drops happen in parking lots. Learn what not to do if you want to stay upright.
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Group Riding Etiquette: 10 Rules to Live By

Advice for the having the best experience when riding your motorcycle with others

By Tammy Mathews, Roseville, California
The success or failure of a group motorcycle ride largely has to do with the riding etiquette (or lack thereof). These top 10 rules can make or break a great experience when riding with others.
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7 Rules to Live by On Your Motorcycle

Good reminders to keep motorcycling safe, fun, and exciting

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor, and Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor
Here's our list of smart advice learned over years of riding. Read it, then add yours in the comments to keep the conversation going.
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10 Lane Positioning Tips

Left, center, right: which spot is best when on your motorcycle?

By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor
Where should your motorcycle be while you're riding alone or in a group? Read our 10 important factors to consider to stay safe.
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6 Rules About Motorcycle Tire Traction

Tip to help you ride safely in reduced tire grip situations

By Jerry “Motorman” Palladino
These tips will help you ride safely in reduced tire grip situations including wet roads, painted lines, wet leaves, tar strips, and grassy shoulders.
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A One-Day Class For Experienced Riders: MSF Advanced Rider Course

Learn techniques and new skills on your own motorcycle to become a better rider

By Tricia Szulewski, photos by Steve Lita
If you’ve been riding for a few seasons and are ready to learn some advanced techniques, this one-day advanced street riding class will teach you important skills to stay safe on your own motorcycle.
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5 Tips for Short Riders Handling Tall and Big Motorcycles

Techniques to boost your confidence so you can ride any bike

By Tricia Szulewski, MSF RiderCoach
In my job as an MSF RiderCoach and as a journalist, I often hear women say that there aren’t enough motorcycles out there to fit them, If you are a proficient rider, you are not limited by the motorcycles that fill your local dealership’s showroom. You are limited by your self-confidence.
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Passing Zones and Left Hand Turns: Beware of Tricky Situation

Safe riding advice that could save a life!

9/5/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
This is one of the most important articles I’ve ever written as it could save a life. I wish it could have saved two lives I know that were lost as a result of this tricky traffic pattern that happens in mostly rural areas. Left hand turns where there are passing zones.
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VIDEO: Getting Comfortable With Your Motorcycle

Slow cone weave without cones

By Jerry "Motorman" Palladino
A great way to get comfortable with getting your motorcycle to swing and sway thereby giving you more control over your motorcycle is to do this simple exercise. Practice swinging and swaying your motorcycle from side to side as you maneuver through this easy slow cone weave without using any cones.
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How To Ride Your Street Motorcycle in Gravel

Tips for riding in reduced traction situations

By Tricia Szulewski, MSF RiderCoach
At some point in your street motorcycling life you’ll find yourself faced with riding in gravel. Here are some tips for keeping your head and riding your street motorcycle through gravel safely.
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