I ride a 2018 Chieftain Limited. I bought it new in May 2018 and have more than 12,000 miles now (and that's pretty good since I live in Minnesota). I put 4,436 miles on in three weeks in July when I rode from Minnesota to the west coast and back, and this bike is absolutely comfortable for the long haul with all the bells and whistles, including the electronic cruise control, ABS brakes, and the Ride Command—music is the best!

I rode a Honda VTX1300 for 12 years and love the bike, but his Chieftain beats my old Honda hands down! I started riding when I was 50 years old and I just turned 66 this month. I hope to be riding my Chieftain Limited for many more years. It is a great bike and women shouldn't be afraid to ride this big bike. It handles like a dream—you just need to be conscious where you park as it is heavy to push backwards (and I have bad knees) but the ride is so worth it all! Thanks for the review on the Chieftain Limited...they are fabulous bikes!

Jane Cross
Blaine, MN
Monday, October 28, 2019
Editor Response
Thank you for your feedback, Jane. I'm glad you brought up the cruise control, as I inadvertently missed this key point in the review. For long distances on less-traveled highways, cruise control can be very helpful!
Best wishes for many more safe, happy miles on that Chieftain.
Tricia Szulewski, Editor