I love your newsletter and read it every month. I have one suggestion.
I see there was no mention of tires or tire condition in this checklist. As an all-year and all-country rider I felt it should be mentioned.
Always have a second set for cold weather. In the far north states you can get studded motorcycle tires. Keep this set clean, dry, and warm when they are stored. Have them installed in the fall and ride them a good 50 to 100 miles to make sure they are on the rims well and adjust if needed. I actually keep a mileage count so I know when to change them when they are at about 75% wear.
Hope this helps.

Holly Dawn Hewlett
Salt Lake City, UT
Friday, December 15, 2017
Editor Response
Thanks for your suggestions, Holly. You are a real die-hard riding in conditions that call for studded tires!
Szulewski Tricia
I just rode in 20 degrees and I wish they had more accessories for me. I guess I am an extreme minority. I love WRN.

Rosarita Dillon
Mondovi, WI
Friday, December 8, 2017