I normally wear 6.5 for any athletic shoes, but wear 6 for other shoes. Which should I base it on?


San Diego, CA
Monday, April 4, 2016
Editor Response
Base it on the 6.5 size. At least that's what I did. Use the European sizing chart for size 6, then go up one size. You can always exchange if you have to.
Genevieve Schmitt
I bought a pair of these boots a couple of months ago after my old BMW boots gave up the ghost. I had added extra soles to the BMW boots such that they looked like Herman Munster's shoes. The TCX boots took about a day to break in and I love them. It's great having the extra height with boots that look decent and are waterproof.

Margaret Rancourt
Greenville, SC
Sunday, February 14, 2016
Size bummer... I wear a size 11 and the majority of women's boots only go up to a size 10 so I am relegated to having to wear men's boots. Wish there were more options in women's styled boots for us ladies with bigger tootsies!

Tyler Risk
Santa Clara, CA
Wednesday, October 7, 2015
These are great however please note the site says only a 2-1/4-inch heel. I wonder how long that sole will last? We don't have options like you around here, no shoemakers left anymore these days. Who knows anything about resoling. It's sad.

Love that they are waterproof, but like you, would like the patch added to the toe for shifting. I have been saying this for years trying to get someone to make a boot similar to this, but no one, not even Red Wing or HD's vendor would listen. They think every woman is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Thanks for the review.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Editor Response
I did note in the first caption (perhaps you missed it) that the TCX website says the heel is 2.25 inches (same as 2-1/4 inches as you noted that here), but I measured it twice from bottom to where the heel meets the shoe, at the highest point, and it measured 2.5 inches (or 2 1/2 inches the way you wrote it).

I wouldn't let the sole deter anyone from buying these. These are a very sturdy riding boot that looks great. Thanks for your feedback.

Genevieve Schmitt, Editor