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Betsy, after watching the show I do truly believe Russel made the best decision for you. However, I thought your fellow climbers displayed a poor attitude toward you. One in particular and it saddens me to say I fear this may be down to misogyny on their part. They talked as if they themselves were elite mountaineers and you’d never even seen one before.
Maybe you should try again and use a different guiding outfit?

Leeds, AB, United Kingdom
Thursday, April 5, 2018
Hello Betsy,

I came at this backwards, first watching most of the Discovery series on my laptop, and only then getting caught up in the blogs. Never have I seen a situation with so many interpretations.

I have to tell you, the clips of you lying motionless in the snow sealed your fate, in my early leap to judgment. Russell is pretty convincing on TV, the kind of guy you want in your corner.

But highly edited shows like this are only one version of the story. For my money, you both could be dead right in all you did. I have no clue. But adding your description of your own limited experience, Russell probably did right.

The bit of everyone hating you? That is just confusing. Didn't you report on Tim for the LAT? Did you guys have a history? He may be a bit Nascar, but he doesn't strike me as misogynist. I cannot buy the idea that women are not given equal (sometimes even better) breaks in these things; if nothing else, it always adds buzz. Everyone knows Ellen MacArthur finished second in the 2000 Vende Globe, hardly anyone remembers the man who won.

I like your writing. You are inspiring, and you give us all hope that we plebeians, with some passion, grit and fundraising, might just pull of a Kentucky Derby or America's cup or, who knows, even a fully guided Everest shot. Keep it going, Betsy.

Charles Lane
Castro Valley, CA
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not to beat a dead yak but...

There obviously was a member of your Everest team who misrepresented themself and it was not you. Even from just the Discovery version film I've seen (OK 6 times), there is a immaturity, self absorbed, arrogance of one team member who should never have been tolerated by team members, or the mountain. I think you with your honesty, and iron will, did reach a more honorable "summit."



Thomas Jones
Tallahassee, FL
Saturday, April 23, 2011
As an amateur peak bagger and traveler, I can see what you meant when you said that Everest is a cold place in more ways than one. There is just something a little off-kilter with the super ambitious personality type. Watching Tim and Gerard endanger themselves and their sherpas in season one was appalling.

If you ask me, the people who made you feel so unwelcome may have done you a favor in a cruel-to-be-kind way even if they were too wrapped up in themselves to have any awareness. I am the same age as you were at the time of the taping which inspires me to keep exploring and staying fit.

The bright side of course is that you didn't get seriously hurt on the mountain.

Southern California
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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