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Your Stories

Learning to Ride the Right Way One Step at a Time

One new motorcyclist shares her decision to ride, dealing with naysayers, and deciding between a cruiser and a sportbike

2/21/2016, By Molly Norman, Tucson, Arizona
My life took a turn for the good in 2014 during a conversation with some coworkers who ride motorcycles.
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Making Her Dream of Riding a Motorcycle Come True

Finding happiness at age 50 by getting on a motorcycle, and then riding in France soon after!

1/22/2016, By Laura Heinlein, Brookfield, Connecticut
Laura Heinlein returned from a motorcycle ride through France’s Loire Valley and was bombarded with the questions like, “You rode alone on a motorcycle in France?" Find out how a 50-something, working, married mother of two ends up riding in France, alone!
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Grandma Rides A Road King Finding Courage Along the Way

This biker granny inspires to make their dream of riding a motorcycle come true

1/6/2016, By Shelly Fowler, Rolla, Missouri
Seven years ago I became a motorcycle granny. I decided to take up motorcycle riding a couple years after my divorce when I was looking for some adventure.
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Leaning Into Life's Curves

Applying lessons learned on a motorcycle to everyday life

12/1/2015, By Marybeth Mitchum, Stony Creek, New York
Great truths are often presented in unexpected packages. I've lived long enough to know that most life lessons are learned outside of a classroom and often those lessons will have multiple applications. And if I don’t learn them quickly, I will most likely have to re-learn whatever lessons I failed to master several times over.
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Finding Love on a Motorcycle One Honda at a Time

She’s 56 and has never owned a car!

10/7/2015, By Lynn Strand, Orange, California
At 56, Lynn Strand has spent the last 33 years riding Honda motorcycles. She’s never owned a car in her life, has only had a class M1 license, and boasts about “the best mechanics and motorcycle shop in the world backing me up every mile.” ... then it happened; a kindred spirit on a Harley-Davidson.
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A New Rider's First Overnight Solo Motorcycle Trip

Riding a Ducati Monster 696 to the Tail of the Dragon and Overland Expo East

9/4/2015, By Melissa Wilkinson, Lakeland, Florida
This year was a year of firsts; my first over-5,000 mile ride on Bruno, a 2014 Ducati Monster 696, and my first presentation at the 2014 Overland Expo East in Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve only been riding for two years and to have these two things accomplished on my second year of riding seems almost cosmic.
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"I Ride Because I Can"

Making her motorcycling dreams finally come true!

6/9/2015, By Susan Stevens, Nova Scotia, Canada
By her 6th birthday, Susan Stevens knew that she wanted to ride a motorcycle. But it wasn't until she was 43 that her dreams became reality. Why did it take so long and how much does she love it?
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Approaching Age 50 and Riding Into My Fullness

“I’ve gained a sense of independence that I never dreamed possible.”

4/22/2015, By Sash Walker
I am finally coming into my own as a rider, a woman who has found a home in the road, and an independent spirit. I am happily married, but within that marriage I’ve gained a sense of independence that I never dreamed possible. I was on a narrow stretch of pavement that ran through ranches of northeastern Wyoming where I felt this sense of permanence settle in.
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Your Stories: How the Internet Brought Four Riders Together

Lifelong friendships formed through motorcycling

3/10/2015, By Priscilla Griffith, Pensacola, Florida
The Internet can be a wonderful thing. I started riding my own motorcycle in 1998; a 1990 Harley-Davidson FXR Low Rider. I put more than 50,000 miles on that bike. But this story isn’t about me. It’s about four women who became “sistas," and we met on an Internet forum.
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Motorcycle Touring: Adirondack Park, New York

A motorcyclists paradise!

2/19/2015, By Liz Palmer and Robert Roland, Toronto, Canada
When you think of the Adirondacks, you may think of winter sports. But the summer and fall, when the foliage has turned to bright orange, yellow, and copper make this area a fascinating opportunity for motorcycle touring and exploring—especially the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park. Read our tour review.
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