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Group Riding Etiquette: 10 Rules to Live By

Advice for the having the best experience when riding your motorcycle with others

3/29/2017, By Tammy Mathews, Roseville, California
The success or failure of a group motorcycle ride largely has to do with the riding etiquette (or lack thereof). These top 10 rules can make or break a great experience when riding with others.
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Never Say Never to Motorcycling

Discovering a passion for she never knew was there

3/1/2017, By Christine Decker, San Jose, California
She tried to avoid motorcycles her whole life until a series of events unraveled that gave way to a newfound passion.
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I Dropped My Dresser 11 Times!

How this motorcyclist keeps her confidence persevering through adversity

12/13/2016, By Brenda Sanders, Bar Nunn, Wyoming
She calls her Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Limited her best friend despite having the dropsies. Find out how a motorcycle is helping one rider get through life's trials.
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Making the Dream of Riding Come True in Your 40s

Find out how a childhood passion for riding motorcycles becomes reality

11/22/2016, By Sandy McGreeghan, Emsdale, Ontario, Canada
Spending four years riding her first motorcycle, a Yamaha V Star 250, before trading up to a Harley Sportster 883 was the right way to go for this new rider.
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Returning to Motorcycling on a Honda CBR300 Sportbike

How riding refuels this self-professed adrenaline junkie

10/24/2016, By Jean Cordalis, Carmichael, California
Five years ago, this adrenaline junkie had a ski accident that laid her up for some time. During her long recovery, she set a goal to get back into motorcycling. Read her motivational story.
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Freedom, Friendships and More on a Motorcycle

Learning to ride at 56 discovering joy along the way

9/27/2016, By Jodi Judson, Smyrna, Tennessee
As a new rider at age 56, Jodi discovers that it's never to late to learn to ride or to make lots of new friends.
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Life's Short! Get that Motorcycle Now!

Encouraging words to middle-age women to make your dreams a reality

8/30/2016, By Edi Aragies, Atlanta, Georgia
This passionate rider shares her love of motorcycling by encouraging other women not to wait when pursuing their dreams. Read her inspiring story.
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From the Back Seat to the Front

A motorcycle rental, a supportive husband, and a desire to explore got the process started

8/1/2016, By Jenny Satterthwait, Parker, Colorado
From riding behind her husband to getting her own bike, Jenny discovers that exploring her home state is better on two wheels.
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A Bear, A Deer, and Fog Make One Harrowing Journey

How two riders find strength on the most challenging motorcycle ride of their lives

7/12/2016, By Jean Caizzo, Edina, Minnesota
Two women motorcycle riders set out to ride one of the country's most desirable motorcycle roads, the Blue Ridge Parkway. But their dream journey took an unlikely turn.
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3 Tips for Solo Motorcycle Touring With No Regrets

A 55-year-old rider pushes through fear to make a dream come true

6/7/2016, By Kim Parish, Phoenix, Arizona
Fulfilling her dream to ride cross-country, Kim Parish rode her big Vulcan bagger from Phoenix, Arizona, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Along the way, she made new friends, visited old ones, and learned valuable life lessons.
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