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Apparel & Product Reviews

VIDEO: Line of Popular Heat Shields for Motorcycle Exhausts Expands

More sizes and finishes available to protect legs and boots from heat

2/9/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
DEI's flexible heat shields help protect your legs from motorcycle exhaust heat and your boot heals from burning on the hot pipe.
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VIDEO: Bull-it Jeans for Motorcyclists offer Superior Abrasion Resistance

The look of denim with top-notch protection

2/4/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
More companies than ever before are making denim riding pants with abrasion resistant panels sewn in so riders who like to wear jeans on their motorcycles can be protected in the event of an accident. Bull-it Jeans is one company at the forefront of offering protective denim jeans for motorcyclists.
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Review: Gravitate Jeans Designed for Motorcycle Riders and Passengers

A denim alternative to regular blue and black jeans to wear while riding

1/13/2016, By Sash Walker
Gravitate Jeans has been on the market since 2011. Since then, the designers, Bruce and Margaret Meyer, riders themselves, have been tweaking and refining the fit and design, and even lowering the price to appeal to more women and men motorcyclists and passengers.
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2015 Holiday Gift Guide of Motorcycle Inspired Items

Exclusive deals and discounts on leather vest, motorcycle skin care, accessories, headwraps, motorcycle denim jeans, motorcycle seat, luggage rack, rhinestone motorcycle pin, scooters, and more!

11/27/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
We love the holiday season because it's our time to thank you for visiting Women Riders Now all year long. We do this by passing along special holiday deals and discounts that are only available on this site.
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VIDEO: Ride Your Harley-Davidson or Adventure Motorcycle Without the Clutch

New product lets you shift without pulling in the lever

11/3/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Can this really be true? Can you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or an adventure bike like a BMW, without using the clutch lever when shifting gears? Yes you can with a product from Rekluse Clutches. With the EXP Performance Auto-Clutch installed in your motorcycle, your clutch hand is free to just hold the left handgrip so you can focus on the ride.
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Review: Waterproof Duffle Bag for Motorcycle Travel

Ortlieb MOTO Rack-Pack, an alternative to a sissybar bag

10/20/2015, By Liz Jansen
Large panniers can hold a lot, but when you live and work from the road for prolonged periods of time, they’re not enough. Rather than carrying additional items in a permanently mounted top case, I prefer to use a removable bag that I can carry as needed.
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Review: Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag

Generously-sized tank bag for motorcycle touring

10/20/2015, By Liz Jansen
The large Wolfman Expedition Tank bag is designed for adventure and off-road motorcycle travel, but its features make it ideal for road riding, too, and can fit on the tanks of some cruisers for those riders who like to use tank bags. Durable, versatile, and waterproof, this bag stands up to the rigors of the road.
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Review: Dainese Tempest D-Dry Lady Jacket and Pants

All-weather protection while riding your motorcycle

10/7/2015, By Leigh McDaniel, WRN reader from Livingston, Montana
I was excited when asked to demo the Dainese Tempest D-Dry Lady jacket and pants — meaning they were specifically cut for women — because my first solo overnight trip was coming up and I knew it would be a great couple of days to try out some new gear. The Tempest D-Dry jacket and pants are intended for three-to-four-season touring.
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Harley-Davidson Adds New Items to Pink Label Collection

Proceeds to support breast cancer survivors

Since its launch in 2010, the Harley-Davidson Pink Label program has raised more than $1.8 million for donation to partner organizations offering education and support to those facing breast cancer. Check out the new items introduced this October.
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Review: TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle Boot

Protective waterproof boots for women riders who like a decent-sized heel

9/17/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
This review focuses on a purpose-built motorcycle boot I discovered this summer that combines two key features I want in a boot (that I’ve yet to find in my 25 years of riding until now): a decent-heeled boot — more than 2 inches — that’s waterproof!
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