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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

Meet Some of the Top Women Motorcycle Builders Right Now

The industry’s top female bike builders show off their customs at Portland’s annual One Moto Show

3/10/2020, By Kirsten Midura, Brooklyn, New York
The One Moto Show is Portland, Oregon’s annual motorcycle party, featuring custom bikes, motorcycle inspired artwork, hand-tooled leatherwork, flat track racing, and more. This year, a record number of women displayed their handbuilt custom bikes. Learn who they are and see their amazing creations.
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Delivering Yamaha Dual-Sport Bikes to Save the Planet

Rally for Rangers: Ride motorcycles in a foreign country and help save wildlife

3/6/2020, By Candace Hateley, Photos by Phil Bond
Candace Hateley recently returned from Mongolia where she participated in Rally for Rangers, a program working to save the planet one bike at a time by donating new motorcycles to park rangers who need them to protect wildlife, culture, and landscapes. Read about her experience, watch a video about the project, and find out how you can be a part of this exciting program.
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Riding a Harley in Humid Weather

Any advice to a rider planning a motorcycle tour to a hot and wet state?

I'm from the desert where there is really low humidity. Is there anything special I need to know about riding a motorcycle in high humidity?
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Daytona Bike Week 2020: Motorcycle Destinations and Details

WRN's complete guide for women riders and men who ride with them

3/6/2020, By Janis Perfetto, WRN Sales Wrangler
Daytona Bike Week kicks off the unofficial “start” of the riding season and this year runs March 6 to 15. We've put together some valuable information, including events hosted by women's riding clubs, plus info on accommodations, places to visit, and things to see during this year’s 79th annual rally.
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WRWR Final Update: Wrapping Up in London

The relay comes to an end, but the impact is just getting started

2/21/2020, WRN Staff Report
The world-wide women's motorcycle relay coordinated women motorcycle riders across the world to participate in the relay, bringing fun, experience, confidence, and a sense of unity while raising awareness in the motorcycle industry.
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Confidence Corner: Stretching Beyond Your Motorcycling Comfort Zone

How to set achievable goals that will raise your skill level

2/21/2020, By Alisa Clickenger, WRN Leadership Board
Women’s Motorcycle Tours founder, author, and coach, Alisa Clickenger, provides tips for women to build confidence in motorcycling and beyond in her new column on Women Riders Now, called Confidence Corner. In this first article, we learn about setting ourselves up for success.
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Celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote with Motorcyclists Across America

The stage is set for the year’s big event for women riders—Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride (SCMR2020)

2/20/2020, By Alisa Clickenger, WRN Leadership Board, Photos by Sara Liberte
This summer’s big women’s motorcycling event, the Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride (SCMR2020), celebrates the passing of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote. Find out how to be a part of this "must-do" event of the summer.
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WRN Presents Winners at Denver IMS

The best new gear, clothing, and representation of women riders at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show

2/20/2020, By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
Women Riders Now (WRN) is committed to showing the industry that women ride, and we are always looking for vendors who are paying attention to our needs. WRN was at the Denver International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in January handing out ballots to women to vote for their favorites at the show, like we did at the Long Beach IMS.
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Meeting Her Next Husband Leads to a Love of Riding Motorcycles

Finding love and motorcycling later in life

2/5/2020, By Charlie Houmes, Fox Island, Washington
Encouraged by her new husband, Charlie learned to ride motorcycles at age 58. Now on her second motorcycle, she can't get enough, and sharing the love of two wheels together makes life that much sweeter.
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Progressive International Motorcycle Show: Bikes, Wheelies, Winners, and More!

See what the annual motorcycle show has to offer the whole family

1/14/2020, WRN Staff Report
The annual IMS series is off to a great start with lots of new products and motorcycles women riders are excited about. The show kicked off in Long Beach, California, in November, then travelled to New York City in December and WRN was there to check it out and report back to you.
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WRN Presents Awards at Long Beach IMS

The best new gear, clothing, and representation of women riders at the International Motorcycle Show

1/13/2020, WRN Staff Report
See how women voted on the best new gear, clothing, and representation of women riders at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California. You may be surprised at some of the results!
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Mother and Daughter Riding Motorcycles Together

Sharing experiences on and off two wheels

1/12/2020, By Veronica Garcia, Las Vegas, Nevada
A mother/daughter riding duo—sharing experiences on and off two wheels.
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