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Know Your Motorcycle

Know Your Motorcycle: Brakes Maintenance 101

What to check, when and how

By Jasmine Bluecreek Clark
It matters not what speed you’re actually traveling—on a motorcycle, it feels fast. For all that love of fast that motorcyclists share, the ability to stop quickly is important and often highly overlooked. Along with taking a motorcycle training class to hone our braking skills, we should all learn how to check the braking system on our motorcycles.
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Storing Your Motorcycle for Winter

What you should and shouldn't do to protect your bike during the colder months

By Sara Liberte
Depending on where you live, you might have to store your motorcycle during the winter months. If so, there are several things you should do to care for your bike properly.
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Changing Your Motorcycle's Shocks to Get Lower

Should you or shouldn’t you?

5/31/2010, By David Zemla
A note from editor Genevieve Schmitt: One of the most common questions I’m asked is if changing out the stock suspension on one’s motorcycle to lower seat height will compromise ride quality. I’m answering the question here based on my experience riding 20 years and owning five motorcycles, followed by a more in-depth explanation by an expert of why and how this done by.
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Filthy Filters Will Mess Up Your Ride

What you need to know about staying clean

3/8/2010, By Jasmine Bluecreek Clark
Nearly all internal combustion machines like our motorcycle engines have filters to help keep the machine running well. Many electrical machines also have air or other filters. The filters are there to help keep pollutants, dirt and other unwanted stuff out of the engine. If the filters should become clogged or blocked they cannot do their job of filtering out the bad stuff.
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Putting Together a Motorcycle Tool Kit

WRN asks a pro

6/1/2009, By Athena Ransom
We asked custom motorcycle builder and mechanic Athena Ransom of Vagabond Chopper Company what she has in her motorcycle tool kit when she goes on an extended trip. See a list of tools she carries with her on her bike.
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Setting Up Your Motorcycle Garage

What you need to get started

3/23/2009, By Amy Holland
Working on your own motorcycle can be rewarding. I was 18 years old the first time I performed an oil and filter change on my motorcycle, and the knowledge I gained from doing it was gratifying and confidence inspiring. Since then I've done a lot of mechanical repairs and maintenance on motorcycles, but always with the thought in the back of my head that working on a motorcycle is serious business
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Get To Know Your VIN Number

It's actually quite interesting!

By Sara Liberte
Let me start off by writing that I know saying VIN numbers is redundant. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, so we are actually saying Vehicle Identification Number Number. Funny, huh? It is common practice to call it a VIN number so there is no need to get anal about it.
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Motorcycle Smarts: Basic Terminology

No more pretending you know

6/21/2008, By Athena Ransom
Sometimes it is difficult to participate in a technical conversation with others who seem more versed in motorcycle terminology. For those of you who may, on occasion, feel this way, this article was written for you. You will find what I refer to as the basics in motorcycle terminology. Can you guess what part of the motorcycle is at right?
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A Tire Tell-All

Get to know your tires

5/22/2008, By Athena Ransom
Tires are one of the most important parts of a motorcycle as they are a rider's only contact with the pavement. But many riders take their tires for granted, forgetting to properly inflate and care for them. Tires are actually the easiest part of a motorcycle to maintain. Preventive maintenance can save a ton of headaches later on.
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Battery Basics

Get a charge out of knowing more

4/12/2008, By Athena Ransom
Batteries are the heart of your motorcycle's electrical system and require care and maintenance regularly. Here are some basic questions and answers regarding a motorcycle battery.
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