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Touring & Adventure: Motorcycle Gadget Man

Meet David Deep (love his name!) and learn why he has tons of devices on his BMW

9/18/2013, By Genevieve Schmitt
A good friend of mine recently stopped by the WRN office in Montana on his way to Alaska for a month-long solo ride. David Deep is not a gadget kind of guy, so seeing him with an abundance of gadgets strapped to his BMW R 1200 GS made me laugh out loud. What was he doing with all this stuff?
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Becoming a Better Motorcycle Rider

A “his and hers” review of Lee Parks’ Total Control Riding Class

8/27/2013, By Adam Zuckerman
My wife, Suzanne, and I recently took the Lee Parks’ Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic offered through one of the company’s affiliates, CKS KickSTART, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. We took the class because each of us had, in our own way, reached a place where our riding was mentally “stuck,” and we needed coaching to progress.
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Club Profile: Leather & Lace Motorcycle Club Celebrates 30 Years

Three decades of cruising, fund-raising, and fun

8/27/2013, By Susan Hurst
Perseverance, dedication, courage, and devotion—these four words describe Jennifer Chaffin, who created Leather & Lace women’s motorcycle club in 1983 and remains at the helm as the club’s president today. This year the club is celebrating a big milestone—30 years and still going strong!
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Profile with Video: Land Speed Racer Valerie Thompson and Her Need for Speed

Looking to set new records!

7/30/2013, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Looking to achieve what she calls her proudest moment so far, land speed racer Valerie Thompson is aiming to join the 200 mph club at this weekend’s Bonneville Speed Week and at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville starting August 24.
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25 Inspired Tips for Your Motorcycle Road Trips

Lessons learned after 25 states and three Canadian provinces

7/12/2013, By Tamela Rich
Travel always teaches me a lot about myself and about the world. In 2011 I loaded up my motorcycle and set out for a solo trip across 25 states and three Canadian provinces. Here are the top 25 lessons I learned from my journey.
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PROFILE: Joan Krenning, aka Lady Road Dog, and Her Freedom Glide

A three-year cross-country odyssey with a purpose

5/7/2013, By Liz Jansen
Joan Krenning is a woman on a mission—to spend 36 months riding around the United States on a motorcycle to promote patriotism, bipartisanship, and a vision of hope. Here is her story.
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Event Recap: Fun and Free Expression at Femmewalla

What the heck is Femmewalla?

1/29/2013, by Rachael Maltbie; Photos by Salvador Maltie and Caliphotography
The third annual Femmewalla all-women track day started off cold and damp but ended with new skills learned, new friendships formed and lots of smiles. Strong turnout made it clear that Femmewalla has come a long way since the inaugural event in 2010.
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Speed Sisters! Our Recap of 2012 Women's Sportbike Events

Women seek the thrill of speed at rallies and track days

This past summer and fall several events were held for the tenacious women who know the feeling of dragging a knee on the pavement at fast speeds (or at least hope to someday). Here's our roundup of three of those events, along with information about how you can participate next year.
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The 2012 Sturgis Rally: What Was There for Women?

The changing face of this long-standing event

9/14/2012, Story and photos by Genevieve Schmitt; Additional photos by Tricia Szulewski
The “face” of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is changing. Once the bastion of motorcycle rebels who arrive in the Black Hills of South Dakota to raise a ruckus each summer, the Sturgis Rally of today, now in its 72nd year, is much tamer.
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Sturgis Biker Belles Ride Triples Donations!

Comprehensive coverage of this women rider celebration

9/3/2012, By Genevieve Schmitt, Photos by Tricia Szulewski and Genevieve Schmitt
Women's motorcycling events at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally have come and gone over the years, but none has had longer and stronger “legs” than the Biker Belles celebration, an event organized by the Sturgis Buffalo Chip that just completed its second year.
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