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Backroads With Betsy

Backroads With Betsy: Love Ride 30

Coming full circle

1/9/2014, By Betsy Huelskamp
The trials, tribulations and success of the Love Ride seem to have come full circle. The annual Southern California ride, that used to attract upwards of 20,000 riders donating more than $1 million in one day at its peak, may not have raised the kind of money this year, but organizers put on a successful event for its 30th year on October 24th.
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Backroads With Betsy: Motorcycling Trip of a Lifetime Riding in the Himalayas

Pushing limits, seeking new horizons

12/3/2013, By Betsy Huelskamp
The Himalayas have been calling me since I was a young woman. Having visited there half a dozen times, I cannot begin to explain why in a page of words. The Himalayan Mountains surround you with 360 degrees of visual splendor that can never be captured fully by the lens of a camera.
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Backroads With Betsy: Sturgis 2013—The Wild, Wild West

What's the attraction to the largest motorycle rally in the world?

9/8/2013, By Betsy Huelskamp
There is nowhere on earth that captures the feeling of the outlaw like the Wild West, and throughout the history of the United States, outlaws of one type or another have been drawn to the Black Hills of South Dakota. There is an energy in those dusty hills and plains that permeates all outer layers and seeps into the heart and soul of those who are drawn there.
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Backroads With Betsy: Love Ride 2012

An iconic ride that's back on track

2/12/2013, By Betsy Huelskamp
The 29th annual Love Ride, held in October in Glendale, Calif., went off without a hitch. Billed as the longest-running motorcycle fund-raising event in the world, the Love Ride has seen a mountain of success but has also suffered a few setbacks. This time it all seemed to go just about right, signaling that the Love Ride is definitely back on track.
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Backroads With Betsy: Sturgis 2012 Reflections

How the rally inspired her this year

10/30/2012, By Betsy Huelskamp
I have long looked upon my annual pilgrimage to visit my family—my motorcycle family, which comes from all around the globe to gather at the largest motorcycle rally in the nation, and my actual family—as a therapeutic journey. There is something about traveling through wide-open spaces that allows you to look at your life from a different vantage point.
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Backroads With Betsy: A Biker Is a Biker, a Brother, a Friend

Betsy and friends visit Choppertown Camparound 2012

8/31/2012, By Betsy Huelskamp
Lately I’ve had cause to ponder the question, “What makes a biker a biker?” Are you a biker just because you own a motorcycle? Are you a lifestyle biker or an occasional weekend warrior? I even had a guy comment under a photo of me on Facebook that he just didn’t understand “people that would desecrate their bike just to make it look ridden,” as if I hadn’t put my time in or paid my dues.
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Backroads With Betsy: A Biker Chick's Guide to Healthy Living

Say yes to feeling good

6/12/2012, By Betsy Huelskamp
It doesn’t matter if you are a burly biker, a crazy cowboy or an Indian chief—one thing we all have in common in this world is the desire to feel good. When you wake up each morning, do you feel good? Do you feel good about who you are, the choices you make and the person you have become? Do you have the desire, the energy and the means to accomplish the things you’d like to do today?
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Backroads With Betsy: Live, Love, Ride

The 2011 Love Ride

2/16/2012, By Betsy Huelskamp
After riding a motorcycle for 20 some years, I can honestly say I still love to ride. I love to ride, I love to love, and I love to live. Love Ride 28 took place this past October, and I think I have missed the event only twice in all these years. After the 2011 event, I have such sad and mixed feelings.
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Backroads With Betsy: One Nation Under God

A 2011 Sturgis story

11/28/2011, By Betsy Huelskamp
When my cousin planned her wedding for August 5 and asked me to be her wedding photographer, of course my answer was yes. What is more important than family? Nothing! So when I was discussing my dilemma of being late for Sturgis with the wisest woman I know (my mother), she asked me, "What do you suppose would happen if you just didn't go to Sturgis this year?” After I’d mulled over that for a moment, she continued, "Are you fairly certain they would call the event off?"
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Backroads With Betsy: Amazing Grace, Part Two

A riding life well lived

9/29/2011, By Betsy Huelskamp
Grace McKean, whom I call “Amazing Grace,” is 76 years old and still kick-starts the vintage Harley-Davidson 45 Flathead she bought at the tender age of 17 using all the savings she earned as a Walgreens waitress. Many readers have written to me in response to the first part of my story, asking how Grace as a young woman found the strength and courage to do what she did at a time when a woman on a motorcycle was less than respected.
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