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Apparel & Product Reviews

Waterproof Leather Boots for Women and Men

Harely-Davidson Footwear Flex Vent Series

Hitting Harley-Davidson dealerships this spring, the Elaine and Andy are the latest women's and men's motorcycle riding boots from the Motor Company's Footwear collection, the new Flex Vent Series. The biggest selling point of these leather boots is that they are waterproof! How great is that?
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Heat Shields for Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Protect boots and legs from heat and burns

Most exhaust pipes on a motorcycle run along or near the rider’s legs and boots. The proximity of the exhaust system is often closer for women riders as they typically have shorter legs. If you've ridden for any length of time mostly likely you've either burned a leg, burned a boot heal, or have experienced the excessive heat from your hot pipes.
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Review: Solar Charger for Motorcycle Camping

SolarMonkey Adventurer keeps phone charged while on the road

3/3/2015, By Liz Jansen, photos by Tricia Szulewski
This compact solar powered charger from SolarMonkey Adventurer enables you to have the best of it all—getting off the grid with the option of connecting back in. You can charge everything from cell phones, iPads, battery chargers and more all while on the road.
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Review: Gloves for Warm and Cold Motorcycle Riding

BMW has thought of everything!

2/18/2015, By Liz Jansen, photos by Tricia Szulewski
Touring across the continent through all kinds of weather and stretching the season to the extremes, I ask a lot from my riding gloves. As with all of my motorcycle riding gear choices, my goal is to get the most function from the fewest pieces. The ProSummer and ProWinter gloves from BMW meet my high standards.
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The Party Hoodie: Drink Holder Built Right In!

Carry a spare right in your sweatshirt

Here's the ultimate party attire! A hoodie that comes comes with a Neoprene beverage holder inside the front pouch pocket! There's even a metal bottle/can opener attached to the inside pocket. Wearing the Party Hoody means you'll always have an extra "hand" when your hands are full walking away from the food and drink table at your next party.
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Solo Seat Luggage Racks and Detachable Racks for Motorcycles

High quality made in the U.S.

We were excited when we met Kelly Motherwell of Motherwell Products because his company manufacturers luggage racks for motorcycles with solo seats. These luggage racks mount on the rear fender behind the solo rider seat. And many readers of Women Riders Now ride without a passenger and have a solo seat attached to their bike.
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Motorcycle Sunglasses for Women and Men

Wraparound styles, KDs, goggles and more

2/6/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I can't tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I've gone through in my 25 years of motorcycle riding. Point is, I don't like to spend too much money on a pair of riding glasses because they get a lot of abuse on the road. Pacific Coast Sunglasses has an extensive collection of sunglasses for women and men motorcycle riders, so I encourage all riders to check out the different styles. Prices average just $20!
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Unique Motorcycle Purses, Helmets, Gloves, and Jewelry

Biker Chic Boutique sells custom, handcrafted American-made products

Biker Chic Boutique is an online store that brings unique and innovative apparel and accessories designed for women motorcycle riders, passengers, as well as those dreaming of living the motorcycle lifestyle.
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Review: Aerostich Women's Roadcrafter Motorcycle Riding Suit

The ultimate in all-over protection

1/21/2015, By Tricia Szulewski
Aerostich's Roadcrafter one and two-piece riding suits have a huge following men, but among the women who love this all-over motorcycle riding protection suit, they have been relegated to wearing the men’s cut all these years. Finally, we get a women’s version. We put the suit through its paces for this thorough review.
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Vent Screen for Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles

And a custom radiator guard for the Scout

The diehard motorcycle crew at Klock Werks has been busy the past few months thinking up ways to not only enhance the look of a motorcycle with its custom parts, but for that part to also serve a functional purpose. Here are three cool new components that do just that.
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