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Since 1999, the #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women and the Men Who Ride with Them

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Exclusive videos showcasing women, and men, who ride motorcycles

Founders note 1/13/20: We're sorry we haven't updated this page in awhile. One thing we don't like on a website are pages with outdated content so please forgive us while we work out new processes for producing motorcycle related videos. In the meantime, check out these fun videos from our past. Thanks, Genevieve Schmitt, WRN Founder 

The experience of motorcycling goes far beyond words—it's about the sights, the sounds, and the excitement of the open road. At Women Riders Now, we're all about documenting the full adventure of riding, so former WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt has created and produced these videos for and all motorcyclists, exclusively for WRN. Check them out!

June 9, 2015
What One Accessory Must You Have With You When You Ride?
Women riders share their answers

We asked women motorcycle riders the all important question of what item must they have with them when they ride.
We love their answers. 

March 26, 2015
4 Bucket List Rides in the West
Genevieve's favorites!

I’m often asked which roads are my favorite to ride on a motorcycle. Well, the accompanying article lists four that I recommend you do sometime in your motorcycling life. The video below is a sneak peak at just one of the rides on my list, Montana's Beartooth Highway. Watch the short video then read the related story here.

March 12, 2015
WRN Reader Riding Tip: Pantyhose Gloves
Clever idea to protect hands

We are big advocates of riders wearing gloves, but we know some riders don't like to wear them, especially in the heat. One WRN reader shows us how she protects her hands from sun and wind when not wearing gloves. 
Read the related story here. 

February 6, 2014
Scooter Review with Video: 2014 Kymco MyRoad 700i
A scooter made for touring

Kymco now has bragging rights for making the most powerful scooter available, the MyRoad 700i, introduced for model year 2014, and I had a chance to test ride it. The question I kept asking myself though, was why would someone purchase this big and powerful of a scooter when he or she could just get a mid-size motorcycle instead. Read the related story here. 

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