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What To Expect

WRN's Top 10 List for Beginners


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1. You're going to drop the bike ... at least once.

2. You're going to be nervous for a while.

3. You're going to get frustrated.

4. You're going to hear "crash" stories from non-riders whether you like it or not.

5. You're going to get advice from others whether you want it or not.

6. You're going to find you're not wearing properly fitting gear at some point (sunglasses that make your eyes water, gloves that are too bulky, etc.).

7. You're going to struggle with how to manage your new hairstyle called "helmet hair."

8. You're going to spill gasoline all over the tank ... at least once.

9. You're going to realize riding your own motorcycle is cooler than you ever imagined.

10. You're going to find yourself smiling more often.

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