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National and Regional Riding Clubs (International too!)

Motorcycling clubs and groups specifically for women riders

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Want your club listed? Send us an email with the name of the club, the website, the contact person and whether it's a national or regional club. Send your email to We only list clubs that have a website or Facebook page, or other social media page with information about the club, including a phone number and/or email address, and clear instructions on how to join.

We want to keep this list current, so if your club website or name changes, let us know. Please note, if your club is part of a national organization, say like Women on Wheels, or the Motor Maids, we only list the national club's website, which has its own chapter listing. We do not list each individual chapter. 

Can't find a club in your area? Why not start one! Read our step-by-step guide to starting a women's motorcycle riding club. 

Have an event coming up you'd like to promote? There are two ways we can help you get the word out:
1. WRN Calendar of Events: Visit this page and follow instructions for submitting your event to us. If your event meets our criteria for getting listed here, we will post it and let you know. We list women-only or women-organized motorcycle related events of a regional or national interest and scope. 

2. Women Riders Now Facebook page: If your event does meet our criteria for getting listed in the calendar on our site, you can list it on our Facebook page in the "Visitor's Posts" section. Simply post it to the timeline and it will show up in our Visitor's Posts. 
<center>Joining a riding club is the perfect way
<br>to share your passion for motorcycling
<br>with like-minded people. Plus, you'll
<br>never ride alone again (unless you want to!).</center>
Joining a riding club is the perfect way
to share your passion for motorcycling
with like-minded people. Plus, you'll
never ride alone again (unless you want to!).

National and International Clubs
To qualify as a national club, the club must have chapters in at least two regions of the country.

To see if there is a chapter near you, visit these clubs' websites. 

Regional Clubs
To qualify as a regional club, the club must be operating in one region only. For example, if a club has three chapters all located in Florida, it's considered a regional club.

Northeast Region

New England 

Tri-State Area

Mid-Atlantic Region


    Southeast & Southern Region

    North Carolina
    South Carolina

    Midwest Region





    Rocky Mountain/Northwest Region



    Western/Southwest Region



      International (groups outside the U.S.)


      British Columbia





      This list is provided as a resource only. Women Riders Now (WRN) makes no recommendations on clubs or groups listed here. Please use discretion when meeting up for the first time with riders you don't know. 

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