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Back on a bike

Postby megthered » Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:13 am

I have ridden my own bike for years. I could never feel comfortable on the back of my husbands bike, so I rode my own.
About 4 years ago I had a heart attack. I can't ride my bike anymore. My husband traded both of our bikes in on a new Harley Ultra Limited Low, all the bells and whistles. It is very comfortable but I am still very nervous about being on the back. I thought I could settle in and be comfortable, and to a degree, I am. He says I am 1000 times better than before but I am still nervous. I don't think that's good for my heart, but I love the bike and really want to be out again. I've read the articles and I'm trying any an all advice, from yoga breathing to music. Any advice is welcome.
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Re: Back on a bike

Postby lizmcg » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:17 am

Sorry to hear about the heart attack! I hope your health is better now.

Are you nervous about being on a bike at all, or just still uncomfortable about being a passenger? If it's being a passenger instead of in control, I might suggest thinking about a three-wheeler, specifically a Can Am Spyder (2 wheels in front). A lot of people who post on the Spyder forum I visit have health issues that stopped them from riding bikes. They range from heart problems to MS and physical injuries. Because the Spyder doesn't need to be held up when you stop and is inherently much more stable, it gets around a lot of the physical limitations. I mention the Spyder rather than a 2-in-back trike just because I have experience with one, and also I've read that they're easier to handle and more stable/safer than traditional trikes, but that's just my POV at this point. They're pricey, but a lot of used ones are available.

I hope you find a solution. And yoga is always good! :D
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Re: Back on a bike

Postby tlc » Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:33 am

Hello megthered and welcome to the forum! Sorry about your heart issues~ not fun as I can imagine. Good for you though, to try to get on with your life :D

I've ridden on the back of a bike since I was a little kid. I did have a break of about 15 years and getting back on was kind of scary. No, it was really scary. I had to force myself to get on and had to learn to trust my hubby as I had never ridden with him before. He went super slow and for short rides. We had lots of sharp corners to go around and for me, that was the scariest. This will sound silly but one of the things I did was to close my eyes before the corner and keep them closed until we were past it. Of course I made sure I was hanging on for dear life first! I would force myself to think of something else, like grocery shopping or things that needed to be done around the house. Something that really required me to think. I also did a lot of self talk~ "your are going to get your butt on there and go. You can do this, you have done this, you will do this". I kept repeating until I didn't need to any more. For me, it worked.

Can you take a mild sedative (Dr prescribed forsure) before the ride? Just a little tiny bit to take the edge off and then do whatever is working to help calm you like music/self talk? Hopefully it won't take long for you to become accustomed and actually get to enjoy the ride. I love riding with my hubby,always have and always will. Nothing (for me) can compares to the closeness I feel. It sounds like you two have a nice ride and I hope you are able to get past this and enjoy it.
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