What gear do you wear?

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Re: What gear do you wear?

Postby monica » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:50 pm

On my 2-week trip in June-July of 2016, I had 8 days when the temperature was above 100 degrees. I also take a camelback water backpack. When I was having the motorcycle serviced in Lubbock, TX on one of those very hot days, one of the 'old guys' (experienced) said that with my gear = armored overpants, mesh armored jacket, plus gloves and boots and helmet, that I was actually cooler than a person in just a T-shirt. Food for thought.
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Re: What gear do you wear?

Postby Jo Ann » Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:17 pm

I was told by the instructor that taught riding portion of my class, that he is cooler during the Summer months weating his jacket than in a t shirt. Seems a little odd to be cooler when covered.
I am looking in to lighter mesh armored jackets, do not want black prefer hi vis.
Pants make me lean toward riding jeans, over pants seem too hot. In Florida the humidity mixed with actual heat can be miserable even in shorts(I would NEVER ride in shorts).
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Re: What gear do you wear?

Postby BlueHD4me » Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:39 am

Jo Ann check out Craigslist. You have to check often but it is possible to find some gently used & sometimes new gear for a great price. I picked up a mesh jacket last summer for 1/4 of the retail!!!
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Re: What gear do you wear?

Postby dbsteffy » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:01 am

Jo Ann, I have used mesh for 6 or 7 years, it is cooler than a T-shirt when you're moving, the little holes create their own air conditioning. However, when it's in the 90's and you're stopped at a light, you're going to be hot. A jacket also prevents sunburn which can be severe because you don't notice what's happening until you stop riding, my first year my inner forearms blistered and wept from sunburn and were painful for a week. As Leslie said, check Craigslist and eBay and Motorcycle Superstore closeouts, too, they have a lot of good sales.

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