Another lesson learned - Parking Garages

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Another lesson learned - Parking Garages

Postby deMoMo » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:55 pm

Today I put on my big girl panties and rode my bike to work. The ride in went really well until I got to the parking garage. I scanned my card on the scanner, pulled into the garage and quickly realized that it was way too dark with my sunglasses on. But with a full face helmet I couldn't just hold my glasses in my mouth until I parked (on the 7th floor). And with my gloves on I couldn't easily maneuver my glasses and my pockets or the clutch or pretty much anything else. I ended up pulling off to the side and putting my glasses in a pocket. I'm not very good at having quick reactions to unexpected scenarios that I haven't prepared for and I didn't make a good decision about where to pull off....luckily no one was coming through at the time! But next time I will have a plan in place to deal with my sunglasses before they are a problem.

The second lesson that I learned is that I should just squeeze around the gates when I'm leaving the garage. I didn't have any issues on the way in, but on the way out I scanned my card at the gates (there are 2 of them) and the arm went up and went down again before I could get through. Since I have to reach out to swipe the card I have to be in neutral so I can't immediately pull forward, and I don't know if it would even help if I did! This was a tough lesson for me to learn because I ended up needing to back up my bike several feet. Up a ramp. I was not happy!

Please tell me that someone else on here has done the same thing? Misery loves company. :) :roll:
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Re: Another lesson learned - Parking Garages

Postby BlueHD4me » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:07 am

I'll keep ya company! :D When I had only been riding about 3 months decided to put on my big girl pants and ride onto the base (military) where I had to show my ID to enter. I "thought" (famous last words) I had it all planned out. I knew I'd need my ID so I put it in my jeans pocket. I got to the gate, stopped in the right place (whew!) and pulled my ID card out of my pocket. Nope! I only thought I did! My fingers were empty! I had my gloves on and couldn't feel the card to grab it. So I had to put the bike in neutral (while the cars behind me and the guard waited), then take my glove off, get the ID and hand it to the guard. Now I have an ID, one glove on/one glove off. Great! :roll: I ended up shoving both down my jacket and riding off, then pulling over to get myself put back together.

Here's my new plan, which has yet to be implemented as I only ride onto the base for fun, not something I "need" to do. I'm going to get a lanyard/card holder and put my ID in that. Then I can pull it out of my jacket and show it to the guard.

Since it is a short ride once you get your glasses off can you tuck them down the front of your jacket?

And just to make you feel better, don't get me started on the story of getting stuck on a speed bump at the border checkpoint a few weeks ago ... both the Border Patrol Agent and I both ended up laughing about that! :lol:
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Re: Another lesson learned - Parking Garages

Postby dazzelindevils » Sun Oct 02, 2016 10:58 am

I have the same problem at school! I don't have to show my id, thankfully, but there are gates to get out of the parking lots, and sometimes the sensor doesn't recognize bikes. One time, I was waiting behind a car for them to go through and the gate was still open, but it closed right on me, and trapped me in an awkward place. It wouldn't open up. What was even worse was that the gate is on this little steep hill, so I was rolling backwards when I was trying to get going. 8-) Real smooth....

Another bike was behind me so they were able to pull up next to me to make the gate open... now I know how to approach the gate in the future.... wait for other cars to get out of the way, haha.

An option might be to get a retractable keychain id holder that you can attach to your jacket or keyring!

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