Hello from AZ...

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Re: Hello from AZ...

Postby dlb » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:51 am

I admire your courage. I'm still a new rider. I've dropped mine twice at slow speeds in our dirt driveway. Both times I was pretty spooked and I didn't have nearly the injuries you did.

The other ladies that have welcomed you have loads of knowledge to share. Me, not so much.

I am not sure if this would relate to your accident. It was an factor in one of my drops. Did you try to brake quickly when you found yourself taking off so fast? One of my riding issues relates to the size and strength of my hands. When I pulled on the front brake, I would roll on the throttle because I was using the heel of my hand for leverage. My husband has adjusted the brake and clutch levers closer to the bar so I am no longer just reaching them with the tips of my fingers.

I'm glad you are here. It is good to hear about older new riders (like me) with courage like you have.

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