Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

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Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby Mercycat » Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:35 pm

I just want to say that it is so good to read all the encouragement that is posted on this site. I am 57 and have been riding for the last 5 years or so. I began this new adventure after my first husband died of lung cancer and I remarried. My first husband wanted a motorcycle but I "forbade" it and made him sell his little 250 when we got married. I really regret my controlling fear filled actions. The second husband is also a major moto man. Because of Al's death I realized that life is too short to hinder someone from doing something they love (you know what I mean). So I decided if you can't beat-em join-em. When I passed the MSF course 5 years ago the instructor told me that I might not want to leave the neighborhood for a while. Well, it has been five years and only about 600 miles and I am still reluctant to leave the neighborhood! It is a good thing that my neighborhood includes the Blue Ridge Parkway!

I think WRN will give me some needed confidence. I began on a Ninja 250 which was a good one to learn on but I felt like a grandma in a mini-skirt. So I sold that to a college student and bought my favorite but too stumpy for my long legs, Virago 250. After those experiments I bought a very beautiful and wonderful but too heavy Triumph Bonneville. I just sold that a couple of weeks ago and now have a Kawasaki Versys which I am "trying out". It fits my long, long legs and short torso very well. If I can get the vibration in the handlebars to stop and the mirrors to stop rattling, I believe I might have a keeper. Anyway, in the mean time I find it very fun to shop for bikes, gear and bike accessories!

Well, nice chatting with everyone! Bye!
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Re: Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby Aussie » Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:24 pm

Hi Mercycat and welcome along. Sorry to hear about your first Hubby. Life really is too short to sit back and hesitate! You need to grab it full throttle :D .
I have the Blueridge parkway on my radar for our next trip over there. I downloaded the app the other day and it looks like amazing riding.
Hope your new bikes works out for you, if it doesn't suit then sell it and get one that does ;) but don't ever stop riding :D
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Re: Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby Ametha Elf » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:30 pm

Hi Mercycat. Great to see youre trying out different bikes to see which one suits best. One will be just right, like Goldilocks!! :D The more you get out and about the more comfy you will feel, and theres no better excuse to ride than that. Lovely to have you on board!
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Re: Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby BusyBean » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:02 am

Welcome!! :)

Take you time and do what is comfortable for you! I spent lots of time irritating my neighbors with my loops around the neighborhood. ;) Good luck in finding the right bike for you. I am on my "starter bike" for now, a Harley Sportster 883. I can't wait for next year or the year after when I can go to a demo day and feel confident to try a bunch of stuff out.

Ride On!! :)
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Re: Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby tlc » Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:58 am

Hi and welcome!

Here is an article on WRN that you might read when you get a chance since you are still trying to find the right bike for you. Maybe you have seen it and maybe you haven't so here ya go; http://www.womenridersnow.com/pages/sto ... px?id=4008

My bike vibrates quite a bit at certain times of my ride(s). Of course at stop lights and then again around 55. It's not bad and I'm used to it now. Years ago we had a 650 Special that was one vibrating SOB. In those days I was a back seat rider and it really wasn't that fun having your back all numb from the sissy bar :shock: . I was glad when we sold that bike and moved up.

Good luck on your current bike and I hope it's the 'wheel' to getting you more miles :)
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Re: Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby CarolinaGirl » Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:02 am

Hi! I also have the Blue Ridge close by, but on the NC side. I love what the area has to offer, in terms of practice! If you have been able to practice along the parkway, you've got it made! I love that you recently took up riding. My mom rides with my dad & she is hesitant to learn herself (though has thought about it)...Now I am thinking about passing the Rebel to her when I am finished with it. She is a little older but your story might be exactly what she needs to hear. She recently got a not so great health report (though not life-threatening either) but nothing that will impede on her strength or thinking capacity. She thinks it's too late to learn...but it's never too late. :) Thank you so much for sharing.
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Re: Hello from Stuarts Draft VA

Postby BtWoman » Mon Jul 14, 2014 6:18 am

Welcome Mercycat! I can't believe I didn't welcome you sooner, my apologies!
I am so very sorry to hear that your 1st husband, Al, died, and it seems at such a young age. How tragic. :cry: Such a loss puts you through hell! Hugs! May he rest in peace.
But, it is also, so great that you have found love again, new beginnings and are able to enjoy life again.

I laughed at your analogy of the sport bike to feeling like a grandma in a miniskirt. I am getting "up there" in age, too, so prefer a cruiser style, as well.
I hope you find the right bike, if you haven't already. Cheers!
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