Women's Motorcycling Research Project

Women's Motorcycling Research Project

Postby KTM Ginger » Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:41 am

Would you like to be part of an internnational study on women motorcyclists? Read on.

Both American and Canadians women motorcyclists are encouraged to complete one of two questionnaires:
1) Rider questionnaire
2) Passenger questionnaire

A limited time discussion forum with research-based topics in available for you.

The online questionnaires gather information about how you learned to ride, your relationships, your riding habits, safety practices, and the reasons you are attracted to riding. A limited-time discussion forum invites your thoughts and responses to an array of research topics.

The study is part of a dissertation in Administration and Leadership Studies through Indiana University of Pennsylvania. My name is Ginger Bucher and the focus of my doctoral studies is women motorcyclists. So far I have conducted a focus group with a very active Ladies of Harley club near Reading, Pennsylvania along with several interviews of passengers and riders. As part of the field research, I attended Gettysburg Bike week in July, 2012 and the York White Rose Thunder event in September.

I am a rider and former MSF RiderCoach instructor and previously the assistant state coordinator for Pennsylvania's motorcycle safety program. I hope you set aside some time to join in the study. Your experiences matter and provide valuable information for researchers who are interested in sharing information with public and private motorcycle promoters.

This is my website: http://www.research.womenmotorcycling.org.
You can reach me at hsxm@iup.edu. I hope you will stop by the website. Thank you for the interest and the opportunity to share the project with you! Ginger
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Re: Women's Motorcycling Research Project

Postby BtWoman » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:52 pm

I'll be happy to help you out, Ginger. I will peruse your website within the next few days. Best of luck with this! Cheers!
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Re: Women's Motorcycling Research Project

Postby KTM Ginger » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:28 am

Thank you for spreading the word. I am getting an overwhelming response. Women on the west coast are checking in with the site. Calling all women motorcyclists from the rest of the states and Canada! I am located in Pennsylvania. Right now our neighbors in NJ, NY, MD, and DE to name a few, are struggling with the after effects of hurricane Sandy. Keep them in your thoughts. With downed trees, closed bridges, and wide spread power outages, riders in this region will miss out on the fall riding season. Hopefully, bikers and bikes alike are safe and sound!

If you know passengers, please encourage them to participate. This is a great chance for an invisible segment of our sport to be heard.

Happy riding! Ginger
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Re: Women's Motorcycling Research Project

Postby ladyriders225 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:32 pm

Hello KTM Ginger,
Thank you to share your link to this survey with us. I participated in your questionier. I enjoyed answering the questions. The results at the end were interesting to see how my answeres were compared to how others answered. Thanks again. My niece went to IUP. Graduate 10 years ago, she is currently a Math teacher at Butler School District. PS she has been a passenger of mine already on my M/C. She loved her ride. Her husband says it would not surprise him if she takes after her Aunt and takes up riding motorcycle some day. Thanks again, Ride safe. Anna
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Re: Women's Motorcycling Research Project

Postby KTM Ginger » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:48 pm

Anna, thank you for the feedback on the questionnaire. The results are going to be interesting when all is said and done. I'm learning a lot about the diversity of women who ride. The enthusiasm for riding is across the board.

To your comments about my background: IUP is an interesting state university and the largest state-owned university in the commonwealth (Penn State is not part of the same system). My nephew went to IUP, too, and he works in criminal justice in central PA.

On your passenger comments, I have to say that it is a different challenge when you take a passenger. When the passengers are small, it's much easier. My first dirt bike rides included my then six year-old daughter riding shot-gun. One of her memorable moments is when we crashed into a tree at the top of a steep woods trail. She remembers cracking the face shield on her little red helmet. I remember being thankful that we didn't tip over; we just stopped until I could maneuver the handle bars around the tree! Now her daughter rides behind me!
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