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Touring & Adventure

Get inspiration to take a motorcycle road trip

Epic Adventure! One WRN Reader's Journey

Hit the road in 2015 and be inspired right here. Read the story.
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Worlds Fastest Female Motorcyclist

Check out this video of a record breaking run of a woman in an electric motorcycle with a sidecar at Bonneville in 2014. 270.2mph! Wow!

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The Most Scenic Route to Yellowstone National Park
OK, I'm biased. All the routes to the four gates of Yellowstone National Park are scenic, but none are as beautiful as the road th...
Genevieve's Everyday Miracles: The Miracle of Hope
My heart was moved to write about hope this past week when I was faced over and over with the difficult circumstances of family an...
Join Genevieve on a Motorcycle Tour of Italy in 2015!
For the last few years I’ve had several national and international tour operators approach me about collaborating on a women’s mot...

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