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VIDEO: Bull-it Jeans for Motorcyclists offer Superior Abrasion Resistance

The look of denim with top-notch protection

2/4/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
More companies than ever before are making denim riding pants with abrasion resistant panels sewn in so riders who like to wear jeans on their motorcycles can be protected in the event of an accident. Bull-it Jeans is one company at the forefront of offering protective denim jeans for motorcyclists.
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Making Her Dream of Riding a Motorcycle Come True

Finding happiness at age 50 by getting on a motorcycle, and then riding in France soon after!

1/22/2016, By Laura Heinlein, Brookfield, Connecticut
I recently returned from a motorcycle ride through France’s Loire Valley and was was bombarded with the questions like, “How was it?” “Who did you go with?” “Why did you go there?” “You rode alone on a motorcycle? You’re crazy!” Find out how a 50-something, working, married mother of two beautiful daughters ends up riding in France, alone!
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Review: Gravitate Jeans Designed for Motorcycle Riders and Passengers

A denim alternative to regular blue and black jeans to wear while riding

1/13/2016, By Sash Walker
Gravitate Jeans has been on the market since 2011. Since then, the designers, Bruce and Margaret Meyer, riders themselves, have been tweaking and refining the fit and design, and even lowering the price to appeal to more women and men motorcyclists and passengers.
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Grandma Rides A Road King and Finds Courage Along the Way

This biker granny inspires others to make their dream of riding a motorcycle come true

1/6/2016, By Shelly Fowler, Rolla, Missouri
Seven years ago I became a motorcycle granny. I decided to take up motorcycle riding a couple years after my divorce when I was looking for some adventure. I was stuck in a rut and needed a change.
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How Do I Politely Leave a Motorcycle Riding Group?

Reader seeks advice on moving on from biking group

Some groups I want to ride with have members that don't follow the basic group riding style described in the group riding article on Women Riders Now and elsewhere. Over time (a year) their poor group riding behavior has not improved.
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Touring & Adventure

Push Your Boundaries in 2016!

Be inspired to take that epic ride. Read the story.
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