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Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Riding Jeans, Pants, and Chaps

GearChic Joanne Donn offers insight

What are the pros and cons of riding jeans versus chaps? Thanks, a WRN Facebook Fan. Joanne's response: I think it’s important to address riding pants as well in this question because they each have different features that are important to address.
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New Women's Motorcycling Gear Collection Debuts

Apparel for every type of riding

Held USA is now offering a wide range of women's motorcycling gear including jackets, pants, gloves, boots, and armored casual wear. The expanded women's collection, that we at Women Riders Now are so excited about, includes textile, leather, and denim pieces, offering motorcycle clothing choices for every type of riding and sense of style.
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Why Motorcycle Gloves Are So Misunderstood

We hear from an expert

5/8/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Two pieces of riding gear garner the most opinions from riders: helmets and gloves. I either see a rider not wearing any protective gear including no gloves, or a rider wearing every piece of protective gear, but still no gloves. Why is this? I decided to ask the one guy I know who eats, breathes and sleeps gloves, Lee Block, owner of Racer Gloves USA, the US importer of this leading Austrian glove brand.
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Video: Ironhorse Trailers 1 Bike Trailer Demonstration

Enclosed motorcycle trailer that's so user friendly!

5/5/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
When I was ready to buy a motorcycle trailer to transport mine and my husband's motorcycles with us when we headed south for the winter, I discovered Ironhorse Trailers. The company makes three different sized enclosed motorcycle trailers. I was asked by Ironhorse to do a promotional video on each of the three enclosed trailers and I agreed because I'm that happy with the product.
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Two Women Riders Retrace History on Cross Country Trip

The Inspired Tour commemorates 100th anniversary of Hotchkiss Ride

Two women riders will hit the road on June 5 traveling from more than 3600 miles from New York to San Francisco retracing the historical route ridden by pioneering motorcyclists Effie and Avis Hotchkiss 100 years ago. Lisa Brouwer and Kris Haase are embarking on The Inspired Tour.
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Touring & Adventure

Great Idea for a Road Trip

Unique twist for exploring your state. Read the story.
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Latest WRN Video

The Inspired Tour


From June 5-20, two women riders are retracing an historical motorcycle ride. Watch the video, then find out how you can meet them along the way.

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