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Women's Cross-Country Ride Scheduled for July 2016

More than 100 women to motorcycle across the U.S.

Next July, a cross-country motorcycle ride for women will take place commemorating the 100th anniversary of Adeline and Augusta Van Buren’s historic ride across the United States. The Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride, scheduled for July 4–24, 2016, is being organized by Alisa Clickenger and her company, Motorcycle Adventure Group.
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5 Tips for Short Riders Handling Tall and Big Motorcycles

Techniques to boost your confidence so you can ride any bike

9/28/2015, By Tricia Szulewski, MSF RiderCoach
In my job as an MSF RiderCoach and as a journalist, I often hear women say that there aren’t enough motorcycles out there to fit them, If you are a proficient rider, you are not limited by the motorcycles that fill your local dealership’s showroom. You are limited by your self-confidence.
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Message to our Mobile Visitors

Please read if you're checking WRN from a cell phone

9/17/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Thank you for visiting us on your mobile phone. Recently we upgraded our site to a mobile platform so when you visit, you can read the stories and click on the links more easily when reading from your cell phone. There are some limitations however that we wanted you to be aware of and we're asking for your patience during this transition.
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Review: TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle Boot

Protective waterproof boots for women riders who like a decent-sized heel

9/17/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
This review focuses on a purpose-built motorcycle boot I discovered this summer that combines two key features I want in a boot (that I’ve yet to find in my 25 years of riding until now): a decent-heeled boot — more than 2 inches — that’s waterproof!
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Need Advice: Strong Rider Still Skittish After Accident

Help her move past the fear

That day I wanted nothing more than to get back on Blue and start riding again. Now, a few weeks later, I get so nervous thinking about riding and being in traffic. I don't understand why I am more scared now than right after it happened. I can't think of anything I could've done except not been there. I feel myself withdrawing. I don't want to be scared. I'm usually so strong and independent.
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Touring & Adventure

Start Planning Your Autumn Riding!

Suggestions on where to go in New York. Read the story.
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Review: Sena 20S Bluetooth & Prism Camera


Have you ever thought of riding with a microphone connected to another rider? How about a POV camera? WRN Editor Genevieve took the plunge. Read her review.

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