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Solo Road Trip on a Motorcycle: Alone But Never Lonely

One rider’s 8,000 mile journey on a Sportster!

12/13/2014, By Mette Helena Elfving, Reno, Nevada
She always wanted to take a road trip alone, but would she be lonely? And could she do it on a small Sportster, her first motorcycle? Mette Helena Elfving didn't let those questions, or fear of the unknown, stop her from following her dream and experiencing pure bliss on what would be a trip of a lifetime!
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"Bigger Woman" Has Question About First Motorcycle

Big bikes mean big engine! What should I do?

I'm not finding much information on bikes for bigger women. I'm just at 6 feet and weigh 250 pounds. Went to a Harley-Davidson dealership last week and the most comfortable motorcycles for me, with long legs and long arms, were all Big Twins. The smallest bike I could deal with was the Harley Fat Bob, but again, should I be starting off with a 103 cu. in. engine?
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Be Inspired! One Rider's Epic Motorcycle Journey Across the U.S, with Video!

He said goodbye to a long career and hit the road

What happens when you leave a long career in executive management and realize a lifelong dream? A lot! Gary France hopped on his Harley-Davidson Road King and rode, month after month after month until he traveled through 27 states. He came away a changed person and he wrote an incredible book about it. Check out the stunning photos!
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Pink Motorcycles

Pretty or ... well, you decide

12/8/2014, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny that a pink motorcycle stands out in a crowd. Check out our collection of pink motorcycle pictures. Some of the bike owners use tasteful accents, while others have gone all out, covering their bikes (and their gear) with the decidedly-feminine hue.
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5 Ways to Avoid Crashing Your Motorcycle

Reminders on how to stay upright at all times

12/3/2014, By Nick Ienatsch
Many motorcycle accidents result in the rider's lack of focus or rider skill. With a little mental effort, many crashes can be avoided. Here are five ways to avoid laying down your motorcycle, while sharpening your skills on the road.
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Touring & Adventure

Bucket List Rides In the West Highway 550

Bucket List Rides: WRN Editor's Favorites!

Here are four roads to experience at least once. Read the story.
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Latest WRN Video

Epic Motorcycle Trip of a Lifetime


One WRN reader embarked on a road trip of America that covered 27 states and 21,000 miles. You'll be inspired to plan your own journey after watching this video.

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