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REVIEW: Waterproof Cool Weather Riding Gloves

Goatskin with protection

8/1/2014, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
We’ve become big fans of Racer Gloves these days because the company is committed to making quality gloves that all riders can wear—plus, there are specific sizes for women. Racer’s Queen glove is made from soft and pliable goatskin leather with a waterproof Polymax brand membrane. The company even offers a five-year warranty on its waterproofing
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I'm Short! Need Advice on Getting Flat-Footed

Tippy toes on the motorcycle won't do!

I am getting ready to take the BRC (Basic Rider Course) and it's my first experience with motorcycles at the young age of 63 and just barely 5 feet tall, with a very short inseam. So tall women riders, if you can give us short women riders constructive advice and suggestions on how I'd be much obliged.
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All-Purpose Cleaner for Windshield and Whole Motorcycle

Recommend by Klock Werks

Klock Werks, the company behind the famous Flare Windshield, now has a product to effectively clean the windshield, and all parts of the motorcycle.
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Metal Flake Custom Motorcycle Seats

New options from Mustang

From Deep Space Blue to Vortex Green, "trippy" metal flake colors live again! Mustang Motorcycle Products is introducing metal flake vinyl options to its custom seat program.
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Top 10 Motorcycles for Women

The most popular bikes among female riders

7/22/2014, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
This top 10 list of motorcycles is compiled from our surveys and input from our readers over the last six years. Women Riders Now has been the definitive resource for on-road women riders over the last decade so we’re pretty confident this list represents the most popular motorcycles among women motorcyclists today.
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Touring & Adventure

25 Inspired Tips for Your Motorcycle Road Trips

Learn about the "pink bra" effect and other great advice. Read it here!
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How To Properly Fold Motorcycle Chaps

What a clever way to fold chaps so that they stay together when folded...and can be used as a backrest or a seat cushion. So clever you'll want to share! Watch this short video.

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Top 10 Motorcycles for Women
This top 10 list of motorcycles is compiled from our surveys and input from our readers over the last six years. Women Riders Now ...
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