Reader Jacket Review: Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I was introduced to Fox Creek Leather when my husband was in need of a new motorcycle jacket. We were looking for something well-constructed, durable, and made in the United States. The garments from Fox Creek Leather seemed to fit the bill, so we placed an order for a men’s leather riding jacket. Read the full review.

MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: The Versatile and Likable 2013 Victory Judge

Large-displacement cruisers usually mean large everything else, too. But for women and smaller-framed men who want a big V-twin that handles well and is in proportion to their not-gargantuan bodies—without sacrificing power—there aren’t many options in today’s motorcycle market. That’s why when we find one, we make sure you know about it. Read the full story.

New Seats for Harley-Davidsons and Honda Gold Wings

Anyone who’s spent more than a few hours in the saddle knows that a comfortable and well-fitted seat is one of the most important aspects of a motorcycle, especially those used for touring. These new seats from Saddlemen and Mustang address two of the most common problems associated with stock seats—comfort and proximity to the ground. Read the full story.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Motorcycle-Specific Undergarments

I’m pretty proud of the fact that at 49 years of age I still have flat abs, thanks to a lifetime of healthy eating and working out. Nonetheless, I’m a modest woman, so I’ll spare you the photos of middle-aged me wearing the Freegun bra and underwear and leave that to the hot young chicks in this photo. Read the full story.