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Motorcycle Touring: Adirondack Park, New York

A motorcyclists paradise!

2/19/2015, By Liz Palmer and Robert Roland, Toronto, Canada
When you think of the Adirondacks, you may think of winter sports. But the summer and fall, when the foliage has turned to bright orange, yellow, and copper make this area a fascinating opportunity for motorcycle touring and exploring—especially the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park. Read our tour review.
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Review: Gloves for Warm and Cold Motorcycle Riding

BMW has thought of everything!

2/18/2015, By Liz Jansen, photos by Tricia Szulewski
Touring across the continent through all kinds of weather and stretching the season to the extremes, I ask a lot from my riding gloves. As with all of my motorcycle riding gear choices, my goal is to get the most function from the fewest pieces. The ProSummer and ProWinter gloves from BMW meet my high standards.
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Your Motorcycles: A Wicked Sportster

Donna Hautz rides the yellow brick road on her Harley

2/10/2015, By Donna Hautz, Hallieford, Virginia
"The wind began to switch, the house pitch, and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch. Just then the witch, to satisfy an itch, went flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch." Read about one WRN reader's quest to turn her Sportster into a touring Wizard of Oz-themed motorcycle.
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Your Motorcycles: My Custom Sparkling Violet Springer Softail

Putting your favorite color on a motorcycle

2/10/2015, By Jen Snyder, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Right out of the crate, I started to make my 2004 Harley-Davidson Springer Softail fit me. I had it lowered and installed a LePera Silhouette solo seat so my feet would be planted firmly on the ground when maneuvering parking lots.
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Your Motorcycles: MaryAnn Duffey's Doggie Sidecar

No ruffin' it here!

MaryAnn Duffey didn't want to leave her dogs at home when she went for a motorcycle ride so she found the perfect set up so her two pooch passengers could ride with her.
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Touring & Adventure

Get inspiration to take a motorcycle road trip

Epic Adventure! One WRN Reader's Journey

Hit the road in 2015 and be inspired right here. Read the story.
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Latest WRN Video

Worlds Fastest Female Motorcyclist

Check out this video of a record breaking run of a woman in an electric motorcycle with a sidecar at Bonneville in 2014. 270.2mph! Wow!

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