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Message to our Mobile Visitors

Please read if you're checking WRN from a cell phone

10/7/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
Thank you for visiting us on your mobile phone. Recently we upgraded our site to a mobile platform so when you visit, you can read the stories and click on the links more easily when reading from your cell phone. There are some limitations however that we wanted you to be aware of and we're asking for your patience during this transition.
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Top 10 Motorcycles Women Ride

Our updated list of most popular bikes for women

10/7/2015, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
The most common question motorcycle riders want to know is what motorcycles are women choosing to ride these days. Last year, we published our first ever list of the most popular bikes among female riders. Now, a year after that list was published we’re posting an update — motorcycles most popular among women for 2015 heading into 2016.
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Review: Dainese Tempest D-Dry Lady Jacket and Pants

All-weather protection while riding your motorcycle

10/7/2015, By Leigh McDaniel, WRN reader from Livingston, Montana
I was excited when asked to demo the Dainese Tempest D-Dry Lady jacket and pants — meaning they were specifically cut for women — because my first solo overnight trip was coming up and I knew it would be a great couple of days to try out some new gear. The Tempest D-Dry jacket and pants are intended to keep you dry and warm for three-to-four-season touring.
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Finding Love on a Motorcycle One Honda at a Time

She’s 56 and has never owned a car!

10/7/2015, By Lynn Strand, Orange, California
At 56, Lynn Strand has spent the last 33 years riding Honda motorcycles. She’s never owned a car in her life, has only had a class M1 license, and boasts about “the best mechanics and motorcycle shop in the world backing me up every mile.” ... then it happened; a kindred spirit on a Harley-Davidson.
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What Motorcycle Should I Buy with My Specific Needs?

Help us answer this reader question

I really need some help and advice. I was raised on dirtbikes and four-wheelers and always rode on the back of my dad's Harley. However, my husband has purchased a street bike and I don't want to ride on the back, I'm guessing because I have ridden since I was 4 on my own and I am independent when it comes to that. I'm short; I've had back surgery...
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Touring & Adventure

bucket list roads

The List that Started it All!

Find out what our top roads are in the West. Read the story.
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Review: Sena 20S Bluetooth & Prism Camera


Have you ever thought of riding with a microphone connected to another rider? How about a POV camera? WRN Editor Genevieve took the plunge. Read her review.

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