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The #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women, and Men Who Ride With Women

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Recent Stories

All-Women Motorcycle Tour in Cuba Now Taking Registrations

Join other female riders on this all-paved road adventure

The first ever all women’s motorcycle tour of Cuba is scheduled for March 18–26, 2017, and will focus on "people-to-people" encounters throughout the country.
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Review: Wind Therapy Skin Care for Motorcyclists

Hair detangler, skin conditioner, and lip balm specifically for riders

9/17/2016, By Sash Walker, Contributor
Women motorcycle riders now have a new choice in skin and hair care made especially for them.
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Review: Weego Motorcycle Battery Jump Starter

Why I never ride without my JS6 now, a necessary gadget to own

9/8/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I’m excited to share about a product I never ride without now. It’s a jump starter for my motorcycle’s battery.
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Life's Short! Get that Motorcycle Now!

Encouraging words to middle-age women to make your dreams a reality

8/30/2016, By Edi Aragies, Atlanta, Georgia
This passionate rider shares her love of motorcycling by encouraging other women not to wait when pursuing their dreams. Read her inspiring story.
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Stupid Things Said to Motorcycle Riders

Read our list then share the quirky statements you've heard about motorcycling

8/30/2016, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor, and Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor
We thought it would be fun to share all the stupid things people say to motorcycle riders. Surprisingly, some of these statements are spoken by riders themselves to other riders.
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Touring & Adventure

bucket list road east coast

Riding Route Suggetions!

Our four bucket list roads on the East Coast. Read the story.

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Motorcycle Riding on The Beartooth Highway


The Beartooth Highway in Montana is one of our four bucket list roads in the west. Take a look at some of what a rider experiences on this breathtaking scenic byway.

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Pulling weeds in our gardens is not unlike pulling the weeds from the garden of our heart. The similarities are endless.
Motorcycling and Menopause
“Certainly I can’t be the only female motorcycle rider suffering like this,” I’d say to myself time and time again. So, just how d...
Selling to Women: Reaching Out To The Community
My article entitled Selling to Women: Female Only Events discussed how more and more dealers are finding success in organizing wom...

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