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The #1 Motorcycling Magazine for Women, and Men Who Ride With Women

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Recent Stories

5 Things Women Want in a Motorcycle

What features are most important for females when shopping for a bike

8/15/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt
What do women want in a motorcycle? Everyone wants to know. Our latest survey reveals the answers.
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New Backpack / Tote is Lighter Weight, Sportier

Updated version of popular bag now available

Add some versatility to your motorcycle gear with the new, casual version of the elegant Lauren multipurpose backpack/tote from Motochic.
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5 Great Ways To Drop Your Motorcycle (so you can avoid it in the future)

Low or no-speed parking lot tip-overs; learn what NOT to do to stay upright

7/31/2017, By Tricia Szulewski, Assistant Editor and MSF RiderCoach
Most bike drops happen in parking lots. Learn what not to do if you want to stay upright.
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Indian Motorcycle Unveils New Models for 2018

Fun new colors and upgrades make Indian more attractive than ever

Check out the excitng new models and styles from Indian for 2018.
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Book Preview: Harley and Me

One woman’s memoir of embracing risk on the road to a more authentic life

7/31/2017, By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
With scientific research and journalistic interviews weaving through a compelling road trip narrative, “Harley and Me” is a compelling look at how one woman changed her life and found deeper meaning out on the open road.
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Touring & Adventure

A Fun Summer Tour

Check out this exciting road trip in New York. Read the story.

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Review: Polaris Slingshot Everyday Rides

READ RELATED POST editor Genevieve Schmitt shows off the Polaris three-wheeled reverse trike Slingshot vehicle as she and a friend go out for coffee.

Editor's Picks

Motorcycling and Menopause
“Certainly I can’t be the only female motorcycle rider suffering like this,” I’d say to myself time and time again. So, just how d...
10 Tips to Reduce Risk to Your Personal Safety on a Solo Motorcycle Trip
The question on whether you should take that solo motorcycle trip is one I can’t answer for you, but I can share what I do to miti...
Beginner's Guide: Motorcycles to Get Started On
If you're thinking of riding a motorcycle, here's our list of motorcycles most commonly ridden by new women riders.

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